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We like to maintain our servers as a fun and friendly place for those players who enjoy sniping.
Therefore, we have set a list of rules which are to be followed on our servers.
Any breakage of these rules is likely to result in the prompt teamkill, kick, or ban of the offending user.

The GLOBAL SERVER RULES apply to all maps on all of our sniper-only servers.

The MAP RULES apply to each individual map.
We realize that all maps are not the same, and therefore have adjusted our rule sets accordingly.
Please read and learn the rules for each map before playing on it, as no two maps have the same set of rules.


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Cadet Program

This program is designed to bring young men and women between the ages of 15-17 into the -=DoW=- community, with the intent of providing a safe, clean, and fun environment in which to associate, both in game and throught he forums.

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